“My therapist Lyndsay is good at what she does and also a sweet person. Both her and her partner love people and love what they do. I am now able to walk better, go up the stairs, and stand a bit longer then before coming to therapy.” - L.G

“I looked forward to attending PT. Dr. Delaila was excellent and her knowledge and care made my recovery smooth after my shoulder surgery.” - V.M

“This therapy has helped tremendously! I am able to walk better, bend my knee, and climb the stairs.” - D.M

“I have more confidence in my balance and no longer have constant pain in my knee or ankle. I even have longer days without having to rest or nap.” - M.B

“Before physical therapy, I wasn’t able to drive my truck. Now I am able to return to work as a truck driver and mow the lawn.” - J.W

“Since I’ve been coming to therapy, I am able to walk 3-4 miles with minimal pain and can stand for long periods of time.” - R.S

“I was falling frequently and had back problems before I started therapy. After going through therapy, I haven’t had any more falls!”- J.G

“I was not using my legs after I had a stroke but now I am able to walk better and feel stronger. Thank You!” - E.M

“The staff was very friendly and I had lots of fun! Thank you so much!” - D.A

“I recommend physical therapy, it really works and the team members really care.”- G.W